mix concrete

  • Ready Mix Concrete Brent Park is a production and trading company that has been on the market since 1991. We specialize in the production of concrete and road slabs. We sell concrete and products made of it (e.g. road slabs), but we also provide concrete transport services and produce mixtures on individual orders. We operate mainly in and around Brent Park. The production process in our concrete plant is based on modern computer-controlled nodes with a capacity of over 100 m3 per hour. Important elements of equipment are also the component heating block and the concrete waste recycling station. The use of high-quality raw materials and a fully automated production process are a guarantee of providing you with the highest quality concrete and constant strength parameters along with full technical documentation. permanent cooperation with many construction companies. The perfect cooperation translates into the good reputation of our Ready Mix Concrete Brent Park on the market.

  • The Ready Mix Concrete Brent Park cement plant offer includes various types of concrete and concrete mixes with very good strength parameters. We sell bridge concrete, contract concrete and floor concrete. We manufacture and sell screed mortars as well as special stabilization and stabilization. Construction companies from other surrounding towns cooperate with our Ready Mix Concrete Brent Park. We deliver high quality concrete products to construction sites on request. We provide a large selection of precast concrete elements, including road slabs, lintels, openwork slabs, shuttering blocks, geodetic boundary posts and concrete blocks. The scope of activity of our concrete plant also includes services in the field of sale of decorative garden stones and sale of sand, gravel and road salt. Contact our sales department.

  • The offer of Ready Mix Concrete Brent Park has been expanded to include transport of concrete purchased in our company. Customers can count on a number of additional services, including: - professional, free advice on the choice of concrete mixes, as well as presentation of the benefits of using various types of admixtures: sealing, delaying, aerating, other, - matter-of-fact advice regarding concrete technology and its use, providing information on ways and necessity of concrete products care, - efficient transport of concrete to a fixed place using dump trucks from 3 to 6 m3 and pears from 9 to 12 m3, - concrete pumping with the use of pumps with outreachs from 25 to 36 mb. Feel free to contact and order Concrete Delivery Brent Park in Brent Park and the surrounding area.

  • The Ready Mix Concrete Brent Park concrete plant offer also includes concrete pumping. The Concrete Pump Brent Park service can be ordered by phone. Pumping concrete to a height of 150 m and more is possible due to the use of a high-pressure stationary concrete pump on the one hand, and a properly prepared pipeline infrastructure for pumping the concrete mix on the other. We supply pipeline systems for such specialized tasks, they can provide pressure resistance up to 180 bar for pipes, joints and other elements of the pipeline. We also provide brackets and brackets for fastening high-pressure pipeline components, allowing their safe assembly on the structure of erected objects. With stationary pumps, the distribution of concrete over large areas can be achieved by using hydraulic distribution masts. Order pumping concrete Brent Park from our consultant.


  • Bridge, contract, floor concrete these products in the offer of our Ready Mix Concrete Brent Park. We are known on the market mainly as a producer of concrete, ballast, stabilization and cement mortars. The scope of our activity also includes the production of screed mortars, bridge, contractor and floor concretes, including reinforced concretes used for pouring industrial floors. We offer the option of ordering concrete with selected admixtures, tailored to customer expectations. We produce concrete with admixtures that accelerate the setting, delaying, liquefying and aerating, as well as anti-frost agents. The products we offer undergo laboratory tests, so you can be sure of their highest quality.